Tied into a life of adventure.


Wilderness moves us.  Our emotion towards the grandeur, drama and purity of wild places lurks in the background of our consciousness, embedded in our genes as a species.  Wilderness calms and inspires us, bringing us back to the sacred and pure elements from which we once emerged.  When we return to wilderness today, it liberates and purifies–the most elemental resource for our being, we are never independent from its influence.

Yet beautiful and pure wilderness around the world is ever more scarce.  These scenes from California and Patagonia are still wild and protected–just barely.   Even wilderness with legal protection faces the challenges of becoming fouled by growing pressure for resource exploitation.  And those places still far off from drills, pollution and tourists experience the limitless destruction of global climate change.  Nothing stands alone and pristine.  The expansive grandeur, purity and freedom of our elemental wilderness is…  limited.

Yosemite Valley, Spring Storm, 2011. Faint evening light illuminates Yosemite Valley after a stormy spring day.

Half Dome in Evening Glow, 2008. Bathed in late fall light, Half Dome glows just before dusk from the Yosemite High Country.

Coastal Calm, 2011. Waves and twilight paint the California Coast. San Mateo County, California.

Desert Sage, Sunrise, 2011. Dawn illuminates the skies above the Owens Valley. Eastern Sierra, California.

Crevasse on Osorno Glacier, Sunrise, 2011. Sunrise illuminates a crevasse and the Patagonian Andes from the Osorno Volcano. Patagonia, Chile.

Morning Reflections, Fitz Roy, 2011. A rare, clear, calm morning reflects Mount Fitz Roy in Laguna de los Tres. Parque Nacional de los Glaciares, Patagonia, Argentina.


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