Tied into a life of adventure.

Yosemite Valley therapy

The past few weeks have been hectic.  I have been working nights as doorman at a restaurant and spending my days focused on my own projects and helping out friends on others.  I begun to feel pulled in multiple directions.  I still love waking up everyday and thinking about adventures and building a photography portfolio of images of the people and places that I love most.  But after a few weeks back to back in the City amongst its jarring noise, and focusing on exploits and images in the wilds, I felt myself beginning to crack.  I had to breathe some mountain air.

Luckily, I know exactly what medicine to take: Yosemite.  Last Monday I picked up, tossed my climbing gear in the Corolla and headed out to the Valley.  After two days of leisurely climbing in warm spring temps, my stresses from the city had vanished and my mind had switched its mountain focus from climbing and skiing, snowy peaks, to climbing smooth, crack-ridden granite walls.  Bring on the spring.

Bridalveil Fall in full spring flow.

Upper Yosemite and budding trees along the Merced River.

Dan drinks up on my first climb of the season, Commitment, 5.9.

Dan takes a break before pulling through the roof.

Before having to head back to work and down to the Bay, Kristin and I woke up early to squeeze in a morning climb.


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