Tied into a life of adventure.

Weather-a-changin´: time to move on

Weathered out.  That´s how my climb up the Supercanalata on Fitz Roy went.  Last week Pep, Marta, Willy and I hiked up to Piedra Negra and made our base camp before setting out to climb Fitz.  When we arrived, the last storm had left a blanket of snow on the ground and cold temps.  Glaciers that just a week prior were spewing meltwater, were now cold and quiet.  From camp, we would need to ascend another 2000 plus meters into bitter cold for the summit.   We were prepared for cold, but not a full-on winter ascent.  The cold reality set in our first afternoon in camp.  The summer climbing season is over here.  We would need to scratch the mission.   The following morning, Pep and I climbed up to a pass leading to the base of the route, took some pictures, then came back to town.

Guillaomet, Mermoz and Fitz on approach to base camp

Cerro Pumone

I returned to El Chaltén a bit disappointed for not even getting on the route, but motivated and inspired to push my climbing this season so that I can come back next year and give the route another try.


With my extra free time before Jen arrived in Patagonia, I set out on a solo backpack in and around Fitz and Cerro Torre searching out some great shots of the mountains at sunrise and sunset.

Fitz and Laguna de los Tres at sunrise

Fitz and clearing storm

Wednesday, Jen finally arrived and we´ve been out exploring the Perito Moreno Glacier and backpacking around the peaks and through the lenga forests near El Chaltén.   Together we set out on a two night backpack, but returned to town after one night just in time to avoid getting drenched and chilled in yet another storm.

Perito Moreno calves into Lago Argentina

Glacial blue


Today is the first day of autumn and my last day in El Chaltén.  Tomorrow we move on to Buenos Aires.  The low ridges around town are now white with their first significant snowfall.  It´s cold, windy and rainy in town and from time to time it sleets.  The internet cafés, hostels and restaurants in town are quiet.  Summer´s over.  The time has come to head north and start my return to California.



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