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Cordon del Plata: Day three

Day 3:

“Hmmm.  Good day, yet uneventful.  We walked up a new glacial valley towards Cerros Mausy and Bernardo over seemingly endless moraines.  On all sides were huge rusty colored moraines and big, red crumbly mountains.  Ryan, Chris and I reached a point and decided to relax in the sun, then come back for a long afternoon in camp with a nap.  Jeremy and Eliza took their own route, moved high and really got into some of the higher terrain.  They went out trying to locate the high camp, Canchita de Futbol, just at the base of Cerro Rincon.  When they returned they were in good spirits, but Jeremy looked pretty worked.

Tomorrow we head higher to a camp above Piedra Grande for one night, then up to the big high camp, El Salto.  It’s time to start moving up mountain and leave behind the easy living at las Veguitas.  I have been taking Diamox to help with the acclimatization and I feel great.

I took a bath in a glacial stream today and, aside from the cold, it felt good.  We also figured out how to correctly use a Steripin to purify our water.  It’s good peace of mind.  Small yet good steps here in the Cordon.”

I didn´t take too many pictures on day three.  The scenery wasn´t that stunning unless you´re a geologist or glaciologist that really enjoys moraines.

Moraines and Cerros Bernardo and Mausy from right to left


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