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Cordon del Plata: Day 2

Day 2:

“Today started out slow.  I awoke feeling sluggish and heavy.  The crew went out early and started some short hikes and  I stayed in the tent.  I don’t know if it’s jetlag or what, but I just felt slow today.   When everyone returned, I got out, we talked, and then decided to hike to El Salto, a high camp up valley.  El Salto is the spot where I spent three days feeling like hell years back.

We set out around midmorning.  I made it up without any problems and had a fantastic time.  I set a slow and consistent pace and by the time we arrived, I was still feeling strong with no headaches or signs of altitude sickness.  The rest of the group seems to be doing well too with no signs of sickness.  All positive.

I’m so excited to be up here and my jitters to be back are easing. We very well may stay more than a week and just go until our food and fuel are exhausted.  The feeling is that we need to take our time and acclimatize and bag Cerros Plata and Vallecitos if possible.

I feel like I’m getting some great pictures too, especially with the help of the tripod.  It’s heavy, but the long exposures are worth the effort.  I just need to work out the balance on my pack for the hauls between camps.

Tomorrow it is off to the Canchita de Futbol high camp for another training hike.”

The path to El Salto

Jeremy on the way to El Salto

First view of Cerro Plata and its glacier

Jeremy tops out at El Salto

Crevasses in Cerro Rincon's main glacier!

And now Chris crests the ridge and arrives at El Salto

Cerro Adolfo Calle in late afternoon light on our return to camp.

Final lights in camp after a great day out.


One response

  1. Annie Schissel

    Awesome photos, Ryan. Crevasses…uh oh.

    January 27, 2011 at 12:29 PM

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