Tied into a life of adventure.

Next steps: Journal from the Cordon y mas

It’s good to be back down in the lowlands sipping mate in the morning and feasting on empanadas in the evening.  The Cordon gave the group a nice taste of what it’s like to be in a summertime thunderstorm at around 15,000ft.  “Thundersnow” pretty much sums it up.  Here in town it’s nice to not be threatened with getting zapped and snowed on when the sky lights up and cracks with electricity.

I kept a journal and took tons of pictures while in the Cordon.  Starting today, I’ll put up a post from each journal entry and some photos to go along with it.  It’ll be like going back in time.

This week I’ll be in Mendoza with the group cleaning gear and reorganizing for whatever lies ahead.  Now that Aconcagua is next in line, I’ve been doing some hard thinking and number crunching.  The experience looks like it will cost around $1000 per person after climbing permits, mules, food, bus tickets, etc.  Quite a pretty penny and a big chunk of my entire trip budget.  By the end of the week I hope to have a better idea of what lies ahead: Aconcagua or heading down to Patagonia earlier than expected.


One response

  1. Ani

    Love following your adventures! Stay safe and say hi to everyone. Hugs.

    January 25, 2011 at 11:51 AM

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