Tied into a life of adventure.

In Mendoza after a great trip down

This morning I arrived to Santiago. As we approached the airport I got my first glimpse of the west face of Aconcagua. Damn. Tis very big! I was surprised to see the west and north faces still covered in snow.

Santiago was a blur, but after seeing the mountain and realizing how heavy my packs are, I opted out of spending time in Santiago and decided to shoot over to Mendoza. I had no idea how to get to the bus station, so I just asked at the airport, hopped a big shuttle for 1700 pesos and in twenty minutes I was at the bus station. Not bad. I did however have trouble carrying my bags…

This will need to be amended asap.

I couldn’t find my trusty favorite bus line either, Andesmar, so I asked a lady at information. She not only pointed me in the right direction, but called a police officer to call a guy with a cart to get me to a bus. What hospitality for a bearded, over-packed sweaty guy! We ran to the international terminal and I was lucky enough to catch the last bus of the afternoon to Mendoza for 29 bucks. Not bad.

The ride up and over was brilliant. Chile reminds me a good bit of the desert-like landscape in southern Baja. As we climbed into the Andes, the big peaks came into view briefly whenever we would get just the right view up a river valley. Then, for only 10 seconds or so, I had a view of the south face of Aconcagua. The view was clear and far more impressive than I remembered.

After Aconcagua, I dozed off and woke up just before arriving in town. I love this! I have nothing to do over the next three months but climb mountains in my favorite corner of the globe. I’m thrilled to be back in Argentina and this section of the Andes. So big, so gorgeous and so full of possibility.

Here are some pics from the trip taken from many windows of moving objects. Better ones to come.

The east side of the Andes coming down from Puente del Inca en route to Mendoza.

Sun setting over the Andes as I roll into Mendoza.


One response

  1. brookelogterman

    29 bucks to Mendoza from Argentina!! Incredible! Andesmar is the way to go then! Glad to see you made it safely here. Good luck in your trip and hope to see you at the end of the world.

    January 26, 2011 at 6:07 AM

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