Tied into a life of adventure.

Coming full circle


My journal entry from Easter 2005 while descending from the Cordon del Plata.

Yesterday was my last day at AYUSA.  I wrote my last “Testimonial Friday” email and based it off of my journal from my Spanish exchange experience in 2001.  What I had forgotten was that I wrote in that same journal when I lived in Argentina.  Better yet, I journaled while I was climbing as part of a haphazard expedition in the Cordon del Plata–the very place I will be climbing next week.  As I scanned my entries, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read my thoughts from 3/26/05:

“Today is Easter and we’re going down to the refugio.  I’m annoyed with everything because I haven’t eaten anything in 3 days.  I decided today that if I ever come back to the Andes to climb, I’ll do it with an American expedition…

Maybe when I climb Aconcagua, I’ll do it with Argentines, but on my terms.  I want my gear, my quality, real food and extra time if I need it…  I want my next climb to be Rainier or Shasta, then maybe Aconcagua and Denali.  In between, I could climb thousands of smaller peaks with various grades of difficulty.  I’d like to come back to the Cordon to give Cerro Plata one more try.”

Wow.  I am going right back to the place where I wrote this.  Now I will have my own gear, my friends, 5 more years of experience climbing in the Sierra, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta and many more.  And I even have a stash of the food that I wished I had had when I wrote this–and tons of Clif Bars.  I’m back for one more try and without knowing it, over the past five years I’ve done exactly what I dreamed and thought necessary to come back and be successful.  Time to put that plan into action.


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