Tied into a life of adventure.

Weekend around the Bay

This weekend I stayed home from the mountains.  It was warm and wet up there, we hadn’t gotten any fresh snow and my surfboard was repaired and ready to get back in the waves.  So I decided to surf and get to know my new lens before taking off to South America.   Here are some of the products.

Walking home from the office, I shot some scenes of the Friday night bustle in the Financial District.

Bus passing

Traffic on the corner.

 I didn’t get any surfing shots, but Sunday I headed out with Jen and we decided to follow the whim of the light.  Our route ended up tracing through Crissy Field, Ft. Baker and the Marin Headlands.

The bridge had a moody feel in the heavy fog.

After sunset, we headed up to a classic viewpoint of the Golden Gate Bridge and played around with some long exposures.

I didn’t have a tripod or cable, so I shot a 30 second exposure by propping the camera on a wooden post and doing my best to hold it steady in the stiff breeze.  It worked, but I now realize that in order to do long exposures well–along with brilliant sunsets–there’s no substitute for a solid tripod.  This week I finally shelled out some dough and purchased one.

A massive storm is set to slam into the Sierra this weekend, so I’ll be staying in the Bay to enjoy the holidays with friends.  Here’s to fun party shots and tons of snow so that after Christmas, I can return to the backcountry for a few more turns.


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