Tied into a life of adventure.

To the Valley!

This weekend, some of my favorite climbing partners and I are headed back to the happy Valley for one last grand weekend of climbing.  Despite having lived in the Valley for two summers and learning to climb there, I don’t spend too much time in the Valley these days.  Spring and Fall is pretty much it.  The plethora of crowds, hot summer heat and lack of solitude drive me to the high country each summer and away from the one place that got me inspired to climb and venture into the Sierra.  Even though I don’t go that often, Yosemite Valley is still a very special place for me.

But now, despite the short days, we’ve got a great weekend on tap.  Weather’s looking perfectly crisp and clear, and we’re motivated to do some fun, easy multipitch climbs, some bouldering and maybe some trail runs too.  Camp 4 is back to self registration too.  Hans Florine’s Nose record on El Cap was broken a week ago, so I’m interested to see if maybe he’s wanting to reestablish it this weekend…  It could be interesting.

Off to the Valley and Camp 4!


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