Tied into a life of adventure.

Tough Mudder: Done and done

Tough Mudder turned out to be much like I had imagined.  As a physical challenge, years of climbing and skiing in the Sierra have gotten me into shape so that such an event is no problem.  Climbing Mts. Rainier and Hood were similar.  By the time the main event had ended, physically I craved more; I could keep going.  That’s it?!  I want more!

Just like Rainier, Hood –and even many of the routes I’ve done this year–Tough Mudder’s final event was just the finish to a larger event and process: relationship building.

Murder Kittens

When we started the race, organizers reemphasized the importance of comaraderie and finishing the event, not concentrating on time.  One of my great friends, Avi, ended up running with us.  After the third obstacle, he turned to me and said, “you know, mate, this is really not an individual event; it’s meant to be done with friends on a team.  Can I stay with you guys?”  Totally.

I didn’t get many shots of the weekend, nature or people grunting through mud.  Definitely a change of pace.  I was a participant on a team, rather than observer.  Turns out, just like climbing Rainier and Hood were about greater causes of philanthropy and relationship building, so too was Tough Mudder.  Months of weeknight runs, followed by beers and karaoke created, fostered and solidified new friendships.  Tough Mudder the event only confirmed their strength.

Am I tough enough?  I guess…  More importantly, I’m a Murder Kitten!


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