Tied into a life of adventure.

Time to get muddy: Tough Mudder

I am a Murder Kitten.

Tomorrow I will run my first adventure race, Tough Mudder.  The event is a 12k run/obstacle course up at Bear Valley Ski Resort in the Sierra.  Check it out here: www.toughmudder.com.

Along with my fellow Murder Kittens, I will run, slide, wiggle, swim and freeze along the course that was designed by British Special forces to train and test their troops.  And in classic Nor. Cal race style, the event will be followed by a huge party with plenty of strong beer.  I’m right at home.

We Murder Kittens have been training for the past few months and I think we’re all pretty ready to do this.  We’re a ragtag group of City/Mountain folk that love a good party as much as a good challenge.  We’ve balanced the two well in our “regimen”.  At the least, it hurts and we have a great party afterwards.  In the best case, we all finish, have a blast and carry that into the after party and fun at the house we rented for the weekend. Of the 20 people in the house, only 5 are competing.  How’s that for support?!

This is a change of pace for me, but I’m excited to go up, work myself and then have a great weekend with friends.  Hopefully I’ll get some good shots of other racers, the team and the beautiful fall color.

I’ll be back on the rock in the High Sierra next weekend…  and thinking about future plans down South.


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