Tied into a life of adventure.

In the flatlands

After three consecutive weeks in the Sierra, I’m going to stay here near the Bay this weekend.  As much work as it is to get out all the time, it’s pleasurable work that I love.  It always feels odd to stay back in the Bay and sleep in beyond 7am. It also feels really good.

Today, my good friend, Jeremy, gets married to his long-time girlfriend, Eliza.  The party is sure to be a blast and we’re even taking it into tomorrow to one of the most important Giants games of the regular season.  Jeremy and Eliza bought tickets for all of their friends and relatives to continue celebrating the wedding at the ballpark.  I’ll be sure to bring the camera along for the day game.

Surfing or something water related seems to be on the docket for Sunday, then next weekend will be an adventure race up in Bear Valley, Tough Mudder.  I’m a participant and stoked to do a race with a team, but even more so to hang out with friends up in the Sierra in the fall.

En resumen: no pics of high, exposed ridges for at least two weeks, but I’ll be switching gears to capture some great sunsets, baseball and hopefully some surfing.

There’s talk of going back to the West Ridge of Conness in two weeks with Jeremy…  Last time, getting off route, then merging with the route as the sun began setting didn’t bode well for focusing on photography.  I wouldn’t mind one more stab at it.


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